Divorce – Hourly Attorney Fees = Moving On

If you are facing a divorce, custody dispute, or any other family related legal issue, whether hotly contested or uncontested, we can help.  We are highly experienced in litigating complex domestic relations disputes from start to finish.  And, we offer a fantastically affordable solution if your divorce is uncontested – click the link to find out.

Our Focused Mission as Domestic Relations Litigators

The mission of Barrow Brown, PLLC is to achieve your goals. Our firm does not represent corporations or government entities. We represent people just like you – husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers. The disputes we help resolve involve children, college funds, retirement savings, and families’ homes. Our firm is operated by husbands, wives, mothers, and fathers, and we take your interests personally.

Domestic relations and matrimonial cases must be carefully planned and and each stage of the case must be made strategically. Your attorney must listen carefully to you, understand your goals, and plan with you for a successful resolution of your case.  The best strategy for success in your case is rarely the same strategy as another case. We are successful domestic relations litigators because we understand that every case is unique, and we carefully assess each case before choosing the right strategy.

When a case calls for quick intervention of the court, we move swiftly, decisively, and without hesitation. If it’s time to take a stand, we will lead the way. If a case calls for a delicate touch or nudge, we know it.  Most cases call for all of the above at various stages. We are your partner through your case, making and executing the plan that you and we create together.

For those clients that have worked out the details of their divorce, we offer an inexpensive flat-fee solution. Our practice operates with a high level of efficiency. We are able to offer our clients a level of service that is not customary in the industry.  For our one low flat fee our clients can call us, meet with us, and make revisions to their documents.

The Nuts and Bolts of Our Uncontested Divorce Service

Our uncontested divorce service requires you to take three steps.  First, meet with us or call us for your free initial consultation.  In this step a Louisville attorney will assess your legal needs and answer your questions.  Second, fill out our divorce questionnaire at your pace, and submit it when you’re finished.  Third, review and sign your divorce documents that your attorney prepared based on your divorce questionnaire responses. Throughout the process you are encouraged to ask questions, make revisions, and help us ensure that you are comfortable with each step.  We will make sure to explain each divorce document to you, and we will explain Kentucky domestic relations law as it applies to your case.

Complex Divorce and Domestic Relations Litigation

Many times the end of a long term marriage presents a complicated tangle of issues that must be carefully resolved.  Kentucky law regarding marital property creates unique challenges when dividing business interests, retirement accounts, real estate, investment accounts, and other types of property.  Navigating a child custody dispute may include counselors, custodial evaluations, a guardian ad litem, and other third parties.  We have the experience and resources to help you navigate such complex issues.  Give us a call.