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Our practice is devoted to domestic relations and matrimonial litigation.

For an explanation of contested divorce please view our contested divorce page. We can help you navigate your divorce and protect your family and property even if you and your spouse cannot agree about everything. Contact us today.

Ditch the Hourly Fees, Keep the Attorney

For an explanation of uncontested divorce please view our uncontested divorce page. Our mission is to bridge the gap between do-it-yourself divorce solutions and expensive hourly divorce attorneys. We help our clients get the legal consultation and representation they deserve without billing them every time they interact with us.

When facing a divorce people are facing the division of their property. In many instances, it is the worst time to be hit with expensive legal fees. Because of this, many people seek online divorce document preparation services in order to avoid expensive attorneys. Of course, doing it yourself brings about a new set of headaches and questions: What does this document mean? Am I protecting myself?

Contact us today and we will help you. We want you to understand your rights and how the divorce process works.

Service Area: Kentucky and Indiana

We proudly serve clients in Kentucky and Indiana. We are based in Louisville, but we are able to correspond with you via the telephone and the internet to meet your legal needs. You are also welcome to come visit us! Please view our service area page to learn more.

Divorce – Hourly Attorney Fees = Moving On

If you are facing a divorce, custody dispute, or any other family related legal issue, whether hotly contested or uncontested, we can help. We are highly experienced in litigating complex domestic relations disputes from start to finish. And, we offer a fantastically affordable solution if your divorce is uncontested.

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